512 downloads, time for a gift!

When these promo pics started, I didn't immediately do so for every power of two. The first time was at 60 downloads, then 100. It wasn't until the third that I'd switch to powers of two with 256 downloads. That of course means that the next promo gift walllpaper won't be until the download counter reaches 1024.

In other news, just last night Foone Turing tried to run the demo in ScummVM and had some issues I can't place nor replicate. From what I can tell he was running an older version of the game — there were a few tells. Trying it myself, I noticed some minor issues that I've been working on in my work-in-progress copy.

  • Alhor doesn't respond to any attempts to use items on him. More lines have been added to fix that.
  • You can use the replacement canister on the remaining five and get the message that you snap it in place, but you don't actually do so. This is the only fix that called for a script change. Again, more lines have been added.
  • The music contains some "bank select" messages that may or may not work on General MIDI and are ignored on MT-32, but running it in ScummVM filled my log with warnings. This is not quite done yet.
  • (edit) Fixed an interesting little bug involving the middle mouse button while the Walk icon is replaced with the Exit button.

(I'd hate to beg, but I'd really like an original soundtrack.)

Not an issue, but there's been some tweaking here and there of the background art also. Maybe I'll post an all-new demo build again, with all the new fixes and such. Would have to get ScummVM Nightly updated too, then...

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