This is not really an update

Normally, there’d be something to celebrate the download counter reaching the next power of two, and a wallpaper. As I write this, it’s at 2036 and there’s… nothing to show involving updates of any kind.

This is because things related to The Dating Pool and game projects unrelated to it are kicking my ass in a metaphorical sense and it’s really getting me down. I haven’t really felt… encouraged, I guess, to work on Day Two, and my co-writer doesn’t feel much better about it.

For example, did you know that SCI 1.1 rev 100, which I built SCI11+ from, apparently has a massive freaking bug in the pathfinder that, if there’s two or more polygons in the way of a straight line from A to B, makes it completely ignore all but the last one, and then state gets so messed up it’ll likely crash when you try to leave? Leisure Suit Larry 6 is revision 115 and that works fine, as does Freddy Pharkas’ rev 95, but I only have the code for revision 100.

This had me stumped to the point a lesser man might turn to drink. Eric Oakford was going to use SCI11+ in his Quest for Glory 1 upgrade project, but then he found out about that bug and reverted it to regular SCI11. It wasn’t until last Wednesday (Sep 7) when an intrigued third party offered to completely rewrite the damn pathfinder. I haven’t seen it yet but the news so far has been good.

Unfortunately, I have many more irons in fires and I keep burning myself.

So yeah, no updates any time soon, and unless anyone has any suggestions of what it should be there probably won’t be a 2048 downloads wallpaper either.

To be honest, I’m a little surprised there’s been this many to begin with. Wow.

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